Top 10 Car Summer Maintenance Tips

Top 10 Car Maintenance Tips For Hot Summer in the UAE

We don’t need to tell you just how hot the UAE summers can be. With oppressive temperatures that regularly top 40 degrees celsius, being outside for even short periods of time can be tough. But it’s not just the people who need to watch out in the summer, cars can also be damaged in the blazing sun if you fail to take the proper precautions. That’s why we’ve put together the following 10 car maintenance tips to protect your vehicle throughout the hot UAE summer.

Service your air conditioning system

When your vehicle is braving the heat of the UAE summer, your air conditioning system is going to be your best friend. Regular AC inspections with a professional is vital to ensure that your air conditioner is healthy and operational when you need it most. It’s also important to watch out for any warning signs like insufficient cooling or odd sounds while your system is working.

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Protect the paintwork

A lesson that far too many drivers have to learn the hard way is what the sun can do to your paintwork. The UV rays that beat down on your vehicle will eventually fade the paint. To avoid this unsightly fate, you do have some options. Your best bet is to buy a cover for your car which will screen your paint work from the sun’s rays. Similarly, waxing and washing your car regularly can help create a layer of protection so your paint job never loses its lustre.

Clean your air filters

Driving in the UAE brings a unique challenge that few people pay attention to: the sand. Sand and dust can quickly find their way into your air filters causing all kinds of damage. That’s why it’s so important to keep your filters clean and clear of debris.

Check your tyres

While you may be thinking about the parts of your car that come into direct contact with the sun’s ways, have you considered what’s going on underneath? Extreme heat can have a detrimental effect on tyres leading to faster wearing, deflation and even blowouts. That’s why it’s a good idea to regularly check up on your tyres and watch out for any signs of wear as well as keeping an eye on your tyre pressure. Remember, you want to prevent damage because tyre repair is often not worth the risk.

If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, just ask your mechanic next time you bring your car to an auto repair shop.

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Check the battery

Battery failure is a common issue in hot environments like the UAE. The intense heat can evaporate battery fluids leaving you with the frustration of a car that won’t start. Car battery replacement service costs can really soar if you allow this to be a recurring issue. That’s why it’s a good idea to find a car battery service centre to check for signs of corroding and ensure your battery lasts as long as it should.

Use window shades

It’s not just your paint job that can be affected by strong UV rays. Your car’s upholstery can easily become damaged if you allow them to sit in the sun. One great method to protect your vehicle is using window shades. These shades do a great job of blocking the bulk of the harmful UV rays and keep your upholstery in tip top shape.

Have an emergency kit

You can do absolutely everything right, but there is still a chance that your car breaks down at the wrong time. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable on a hot summer’s day and make sure you’re prepared. Keeping an emergency kit in your car at all times may just save your life. Your kit should include things like water, a first aid kit, a portable phone charger and perhaps even a spare phone.

You can never predict when something will go wrong, but you can take the necessary precautions to ensure you are safe while you wait for a car mechanic service to reach you.

Keep your engine cool

The last thing you need is your engine overheating and leaving you stuck. The full engine overhaul cost is very painful so it’s a much better idea to keep an eye on your engine’s condition as well as your engine’s coolant systems.  When it comes to general vehicle inspections, it’s recommended to have them at least twice a year, but when dealing with a hot country like the UAE in summer, you may want to have an inspection just before summer regardless.

Monitor your brakes

Faulty brakes will lead to catastrophe and it’s so important that you keep an eye on them. This is compounded by the extreme temperatures you put your vehicle through when driving in places like Dubai. Car brake repair and replacement can seem expensive but you should never take risks when it comes to your safety, especially when you have an older or second hand vehicle.

Being proactive and checking up on your brakes, pads, rotors, and calipers with a professional is not only the safe thing to do, but you’ll likely save money on the long run as you won’t be shelling out on constant, expensive replacements.

Park Smartly

One of the easier (and not to mention cheapest) methods to protect your car from the elements is to simply avoid the elements. When parking, try to use indoor parking garages or at least look to park in the shade. This may seem simple and self explanatory, but it will go a long way in protecting your car from the hot UAE summer.


UAE’s scorching summer heat can be tough on both drivers and their vehicles. However, with the right maintenance and precautions, you can ensure your car remains in optimal condition and you enjoy smooth, hassle-free drives. From monitoring your engine’s temperature to checking on your brakes, every small effort goes a long way in car care. Don’t let the summer heat deter your journeys; just follow these tips and you’ll cruise through the summer!


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