Brake Caliper Painting

Brake Caliper Painting

Enhance Your Vehicle’s Look with Custom Brake Caliper Painting

Brake calipers are an essential component of a vehicle’s braking system, responsible for applying pressure to the brake pads and slowing down or stopping the wheels. While their primary function is safety, these vital components can also serve as a stylish accent to enhance your car’s overall appearance. At Emirates Moto, we understand the desire to personalize your ride.

By customizing the color of your brake calipers, you can add a unique touch to your vehicle’s aesthetic, making it stand out from the crowd. Whether you are seeking a subtle yet sleek look or a bold, eye-catching statement, our team of experts can help you achieve the desired visual impact through our specialized brake caliper paint services.

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At Emirates Moto, we take pride in delivering exceptional results, and our brake caliper Dubai painting process is no exception. Our meticulous approach ensures that every detail is attended to, resulting in a stunning professional finish that withstands the rigors of everyday driving.

Preparation Process
  • Removal of wheels: Our technicians carefully remove the wheels to ensure full access to the brake calipers, allowing for a thorough painting process.
  • Thorough cleaning: Using specialized brake cleaner and sanding techniques, we prepare the caliper surfaces for optimal paint adhesion, ensuring a long-lasting and vibrant finish.
  • Optional primer coat: For added corrosion protection, we offer the option of applying a high-quality primer coat before the final paint application.
Painting Process
  • Specialized brake caliper paint: We utilize top-of-the-line brake calliper paint designed to withstand the high temperatures and harsh conditions that brake calipers endure, ensuring a durable and long-lasting finish.
  • Customization options: Express your individuality by choosing from a wide range of colors or adding personalized touches such as logos or text to your brake calipers.
  • Multiple coat application: Our technicians apply numerous coats of paint, ensuring a professional and even finish that showcases the depth and vibrancy of your chosen color.
Finishing Touches
  • Final polish and protective layer: To enhance the overall appearance and longevity of the paint job, we apply a final polish and protective layer, ensuring your customized brake calipers remain in pristine condition for years.
  • Reinstallation with attention to detail: Our team takes the utmost care during reinstallation, ensuring that every component is properly aligned and functioning optimally.

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At Emirates Moto, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled quality and attention to detail in every service we provide, including our custom brake caliper painting. Our team of skilled technicians, combined with our commitment to using only the best paint for brake calipers, ensures that you receive a truly unique and personalized finish that looks amazing and withstands the test of time.

If you want to take your vehicle’s appearance to the next level, look no further than Emirates Moto. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our brake caliper paint near me services in Dubai can transform your ride into a head-turning masterpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

High-temperature caliper paints designed explicitly for brake components should be used on brake calipers. Popular options include Duplicolor Caliper Paint, VHT Caliper Paint, and G2 Caliper Paint.

Painting brake calipers is unnecessary but can give your vehicle a personalized and more appealing look, especially when combined with custom wheels or color-matched accents.

G2 Caliper Paint is often considered one of the best caliper paints due to its durability, heat resistance up to 900°F, and availability in various colors.

The cost of painting brake calipers professionally can range from AED 200 to AED 600 or more, depending on the number of calipers, paint quality, and labor charges. The price may vary depending on type of car caliper and other factors.


Does your car need brake service? Are your brake pads worn out and in need of replacement? Or do you need an inspection to check their condition? Bring your car into our service center and we’ll take a look at it for you.

Our team of highly trained technicians at Emirates Moto will check your brake pads, discs, and fluid levels to ensure that everything is working how it should as per the manufacturer’s standards. Book an appointment with us today!

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Emirates Moto Brake Car Brakes Services at a Glance

Emirates Moto is your one-stop service centre when it comes to car brake services. From brake pad replacements to disc brake skimming, we do it all! Not sure what’s wrong with your car’s brakes? Our team can help diagnose the issue and get you back on the road in no time. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Brake Pad Replacement: Car brake pads are wear-and-tear items that need to be replaced periodically. Depending on your driving habits, they may need to be replaced more or less frequently. If you notice strange noises coming from your brakes or if your brake pedal feels spongy, it’s probably time for new brake pads.
  • Brake Disc Skimming: Skimming is where we remove a small amount of material from the brake disc to clean it up and make it smooth again. This can help improve your braking performance and make your brakes last longer.
  • Brake Disc Replacement: For more serious damage, we may need to replace your brake discs. This is a more extensive repair that takes more time, but it will restore your brakes to full function.
  • Brake Fluid Service: This involves testing and changing the liquid within the hydraulic brake system of your vehicle. By keeping the fluid fresh, you can help prevent brake fade and ensure that your brakes work as intended when you need them most.

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When Is the Right Time To Have Your Brakes Serviced

Brake Warning Light

The most common way to know when your brakes need attention is when the brake warning light comes on. This indicates that there is a problem with the system that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Squeaking Noises

Another way to tell that your brakes need to be serviced is if you hear strange noises coming from them. A high-pitched squealing noise is usually caused by brake pads that are worn down and need to be replaced.

Spongy Brakes

When pushing brakes feel unnatural, for example, if the pedal feels spongy, then it needs to be looked at. This could be caused by a number of things, such as a leak in the brake system, air in the lines, or low brake fluid levels.

Vibrating Steering Wheel

If you feel your steering wheel vibrating when you brake, this is also an indication that something is wrong with your brakes and they need to be serviced. This is usually caused by the rotors being exposed to too much heat and warping.

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Looking for brake pad replacement near me? Do your brake oil and fluids need to be changed? Bring your car into Emirates Moto and we’ll take care of it for you!

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