Are BMWs expensive to maintain in UAE?

Learn the true cost of maintaining your BMW in Dubai and how you can find elite service at reasonable prices. 

BMWs expensive to maintain in UAE

BMW is one of the most popular luxury brands in the UAE. That’s because the German luxury maker understands how to blend top-notch engineering and timeless, sporty style. If you drive a BMW, then you will want to know how much it will cost to maintain the vehicle. Today, the team at Emirates Moto will give you an inside look at the cost of maintaining and servicing a BMW in the UAE.

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Understanding the Costs of Maintaining Your BMW in the UAE

There are many factors when it comes to determining the cost of maintaining your BMW. Here, we will consider the average cost by BMW model, maintenance cost by vehicle type, and long-term maintenance costs. 

Average Costs by Models Can Vary

BMW has one of the most extensive line-ups of luxury vehicles. Because of that, you can expect a wide variety of pricing when it comes to maintenance costs. On the lower end of the spectrum, you have the BMW 1 Series which has an average repair cost of around AED 2,000 for minor work. Moving up to the X5 SAV, you can expect to pay an average of AED 2,900 for minor repair work. At the high end of the spectrum, there is the 7-Series large six luxury sedan which can cost about AED 3,100 for minor repair work. 

Maintenance on Sedans and Coupes Vs. SAVs

Be aware that maintenance costs on SAVS or Sports Activity Vehicles may be a little higher if you off-road your vehicle. That is because off-roading your SAV can lead to accelerated wear on your vehicle’s tires, brakes, and suspension. Overall, you can be expected to have certain services more often including tire rotations, tire replacement, brake replacement, and wheel alignment service. 

Long Term Repair Costs 

The average driver can expect to have their vehicle for about 7 to 10 years. Therefore, it is important to consider the overall long-term maintenance costs. As a German luxury vehicle, BMWs will tend to have higher than average overall long-term maintenance costs. 

Over 10 years, it could cost about AED 50,000 to maintain a BMW 3-Series. For a BMW 5-Series, you can expect to spend about AED 58,000. On the high end of the range, you can be expected to spend about AED 70,000 for 10 years of maintenance on a 7-Series. 

The total cost of maintenance will include the service as well as the parts. In most cases, you can expect to use Original Manufacturer Equipment (OEM) BMW parts. OEM parts are exact duplicates of the original BMW parts on your vehicles. While the upfront cost of the parts are higher, OEM parts are designed to last longer which can help lower your overall expenses. 

Long Term Repair Costs

Tips to Save on Maintenance of BMW Vehicles in Dubai

Since maintenance can play a big role in the overall costs of owning a BMW, it is important to know which steps one can take to lower expenses. The most important money-saving tip is to keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance visits. These visits allow a BMW-certified service technician to service your BMW and reduce the chances of unexpected repairs down the road. Be sure to check your BMW service contracts to see exactly what work is completed during the visit. 

Another way to save on maintenance costs is to perform your DIY maintenance. That includes regulating the air pressure in your tires, cleaning the exterior, and replacing washed fluid as needed. Finally, you can save on your maintenance costs by choosing a service center that offers affordable, professional service.

Expert BMW Service & Repair Care in Dubai

Ensure that your BMW vehicle receives the proper service at a reasonable price. At Emirates Moto, we have years of experience performing certified BMW maintenance on all models. Whether you have a 1 Series Coupe or a 7 Series SAV, our service center team will be able to provide your BMW with the highest level of care. Be sure to visit our BMW service page to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are that you may have some more questions about BMW maintenance costs in Dubai. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

BMWs are luxury vehicles and are more expensive to maintain than non-luxury vehicles. However, some of the lower-cost models such as the BMW 1 Services, BMW 2 Services and BMW 3 Series are relatively affordable to maintain by luxury vehicle standards. That’s because parts for these models are readily available in the UAE.

If you daily drive a BMW, then you may find that the ongoing operating costs are higher than usual. That is because you will likely spend more money on petrol and other common maintenance work such as oil changes and tire rotations. If you would like to control the operating costs of your BMW, then it is recommended that you have your BMW service and repair work completed at an authorised BMW service center.

BMW service, on average, costs about AED 3,500 per year. This is about AED 2,000 higher than the average vehicle maintenance cost. That being said, the actual cost to maintain your BMW will depend on several factors including the model of your vehicle and its year of manufacture.

BMW maintenance is going to be more difficult than service work on your average vehicle. That is because BMW’s have more complex powertrains which require higher than average service time. Therefore, it is recommended that you only have your BMW serviced by a BMW maintenance team that understands your vehicle. At Emirates Moto, we have the experience and the know-how to perform certified BMW service and repair cars on all BMW models.

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